On the Walk..

BWS-8There was hushed silence of the spirit in this experience, even as my partner and I walked among the noise of commercial Connaught Place and the recorded ambient sounds emerging from our earphones. That hush had to do with the awe of discovery — of place, people, and possibilities. My friend did not know that a shrine existed in the thick of transactional CP; it had never occurred to us that someone could have beautiful childhood memories of a slightly smelly, abandoned yard, and I was enchanted with the surreal unexpected presence of my childhood electrical appliances on a footpath I had so often walked. It was like simultaneously inhabiting a different planet (even as the denizens of this one stared at us wearing our headsets), like occupying several time zones together. A thick experience of art and history together. I wish I too had tied a wish to the shrine’s tree; I would have gone back there to check how long it lasted. But I can still do that for other people’s wishes. Perhaps i will 🙂